• plastic foil
  • moulded plastic
  • WPC compound plastic

Variety… plastic

A multitude of uses allow to obtain better performance in the vast field of plastics. Blended with heat-hardening and thermoplastic polymers resins, the mixture of La.So.Le Est wood flour gives life to innovative, ecological and recyclable materials that can be used in the building, automotive, decking and injection moulding industries. From sealants to insulation and linings to furnishing and design, the use of wood flour contributes towards increasing functional characteristics, in addition to stabilize the surface and solid structures.
La.So.Le. Est has created a dedicated department to work on developing Wood-Plastic Composites.

Safe and ecologic

In the automotive industry La.So.Le. Est wood flour offers the possibility to create materials that not only guarantee greater shock resistance, they are also lighter and, therefore capable of favouring a reduction in fuel consumption, with consequent lowing of the environmental impact due to traffic.