Nature and technology: the Sole-Farm line

In order to meet the most different requests La.So.Le Est created a wide and assorted range of wood chips: the “Sole-Farm” line. This particular branch is carefully selected, free of any toxic substances and impurities, de-dusted, ventilated and de-magnetized. Regular chemical and bacteriological analyses certify the quality of the chip and the absence of harmful bacteria and microorganisms, in addition to pesticides and fertilizers.
The production plant is fully automated in order to highlight the leadership of our company all over Europe always respecting the most important environmental regulations.

A widespread distribution network

The widespread distribution network offers rapid and safe deliveries. What’s more the practical packing helps storage and stocking: the products in the Sole-Farm line are supplied on europallets and can be supplied with special hoods for outdoor, open-air storage. In fact the waterproof hood guarantees that the chip is always clean and dry.