A palette holds 21 bales, it measures 80x120cm and 240cm in height.
The Sole-Farm product line is packed with polythene film and then each palette is shrink-wrapped. On specific request the palette can be given a special waterproof hood for outside, open-air storage.
During the summer orders are expedited on a weekly basis, in winter we advise you to order the products at least one month before they are needed.
Fir chip is white, with a very high absorbent power and greater volume yield. Beech chip is darker, it offers excellent resistance and guarantees longer duration of the bedding.
In a standard 3x3 box we recommend you prepare the first bedding with 3-4 bales, then during each month just add 2-3 bales to replenish it.
Simply spread it on a field as organic fertiliser since chip is a good thickener.