Rino Garzitto
Rino Garzitto, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Rino Garzitto comes from a long experience in the commercial sector and in the development of both Italian and foreign markets. Supported in the past by the brothers Teodoro and Renato, who left the operational management today, for the last ten years he has helped his children and grandchildren, now in the third generation in the company, handing down his knowledge to them.
Gabriele Garzitto
Gabriele Garzitto, Director and Purchasing Manager.

Gabriele Garzitto present in the company for almost thirty years, he has refined his knowledge in the field of purchasing, by dealing with the "shortage" of woody raw materials, overseeing the national territory and widening the supply basin outside the region to Austria and Slovenia.
Sara Garzitto
Sara Garzitto, Director and Manager of Management Control.

Sara Garzitto operates in the administrative area following the management control of the company. She promotes the company’image and pursues the corporate mission by collaborating with the staff, constantly searching for new alternatives to pollutants, respecting and reusing what nature produces.
Pier Antonio Garzitto
Pier Antonio Garzitto, New Materials Development Manager.

Pier Antonio Garzitto has perhaps the least visible but certainly strategic task of looking for "alchemical" solutions to realize new applications and new production sectors: bricks, soles, plastic and flour mixtures, combinations with resins and chemical compounds and other processes. A true inventor ...
Emanuele Garzitto
Emanuele Garzitto, Responsible for Receiving Raw Materials.

Emanuele Garzitto, in the company for 10 years, is the Incoming Raw Materials Manager, key figure for the quality guarantee of our products.
Andrea Beltrame
Andrea Beltrame, Production Manager.

Andrea Beltrame is responsible for the entire company production trend. He controls and manages both the personnel and plants activities, taking advantage of his long experience to optimize resources and returns.
Dino Del Mistro
Dino Del Mistro, Sales Manager.

Dino Del Mistro, Rino's "right arm", is the Sales Manager but because of his technical competence he also relates with customers in a proactive way to test new applications in diversified and innovative sectors.
Michele Pasquin
Michele Pasquin, Logistics Manager.

Michele Pasquin, collaborator of the company for more than 15 years, he organizes transport services for the delivery and collection of products, combining precision and experience to solve problems and take care of customer needs.
Matteo Favaro
Matteo Favaro, Front office manager.

Matteo Favaro, our young engineer, carries most of the company information flows and attentively welcomes customers and suppliers who access the plant, he also takes care of all the documentation relating to purchases and maintenance.
Valeriano Pacco
Valeriano Pacco, Head of Quality, Safety and Environment.

Valeriano Pacco, “the man of quality”. Because of his precision, competence and knowledge he monitors products and processes following the continuous regulatory evolution of this sector.
Tiziana Montina
Tiziana Montina, Accounting Manager.

Tiziana Montina is precise and reliable, constantly follows collections and payments, never letting anything slip through, with an always friendly and helpful temperament.
Alessandro Passero
Alessandro Passero, Administration Manager.

Alessandro Passero, administrative by vocation, supervises, organizes and coordinates all the accounting and financial services of the company.