• electrodes
  • insect repellents
  • enzymes/catalysts/tanning products
  • glues/adhesives
  • explosives

Paste performance

Thanks to the high dielectric power of dry wood and the absence of slag at temperatures over 800°C, La.So.Le. Est wood flour enhances paste performance for the insulating lining on welding electrodes. What’s more it represents an excellent inert support for enzymes and catalysts as well as many tanning products and for certain types of explosives (e.g. dynamite). Even glues and adhesives gain significant advantages in performance, since the wood flour support reduces the natural tendency of adhesives to retracting, thereby making spreading easier.

Crack free performance

La.So.Le. Est wood flour properties improve the adhesion and elasticity in materials used for laying of jointed tile flooring. Moreover it is an excellent support in wall paint, since it reduces the density and undesirable gloss effect, while helping prevent the natural tendency of the paint to crack when drying. In bitumen products wood flour improves performance avoiding the use of asbestos; it also contributes towards combining softness, resistance and technical performance in PU material in many sectors as a substitute for leather.

Mosquitoes out…

The strong ability of keeping long embers makes La.So.Le. Est wood flour an excellent combustible aggregate in insecticide spirals. With the right addition of natural essences, they create odours and fumes capable of repelling insects.