LA.SO.LE. EST History  LA.SO.LE. EST History
The history of La.So.Le. is strongly linked to the Garzitto family, who originally settled from Lestizza to Percoto (UD) after the Great War. It was Vittorio, the forefather of a large family with seven children, initially dedicated to agriculture and sanding of chairs, to have insight to reuse wood waste from sawmills and woodworking processes.

Given the attitude of the time, made of work, dedication and savings, it made no sense to waste such a natural and valuable resource as wood. The first production site was set up “in-house”, between the stable and the barn, with the first mills and drum dryers created by the eldest son Teodoro.

The first company was established at the beginning of the 60s and during the following 30 years the family devoted itself almost exclusively to the production of wood flour, an indispensable material in many industrial applications as an alternative to pollutants, plastics and its derivatives.
At the end of the 80s there was a merger between I.T.M. Industria Truccioli di Manzano Srl and La.So.Le. di Garzitto Snc, which allowed the two companies to join forces to face the market challenges.

It was such an innovative and niche business that there was no specific machinery for the process. So Teodoro Garzitto optimized production lines and designed machines tailored to the needs of the company, while Rino Garzitto, the current President, engaged in sales and market development alongside his twin brother Renato.

For ten years now, commitment and passion for the company are a firm legacy handed down to the children and grandchildren. As in the past, the family manages to be compact in the delicate phases of generational transitions.

The recipe for success? Family values that intertwine with those of a land based on commitment and dedication to work, indissoluble bonds with its own territory.
Although the company is now international, its beating heart is always in Friuli, where everything started.
LA.SO.LE. EST History
LA.SO.LE. EST History