Healthy and Practical
Healthy for animals, practical for man
La.So.Le Est chips is ideal for creating healthy, comfortable bedding in any animal breeding set-up; in fact it is non-toxic, has a high absorption power, good aeration and is free of volatile dust, as well as chemical residues and bacterial contamination.
La.So.Le. Est chip offers remarkable advantages, particularly in the horse sector: unlike straw, for instance, it is much softer and, above all, it’s not eaten by the horse, thereby ensuring better health and hygiene. The virgin wood chip also guarantees constant hygiene inside the box, guaranteeing an optimum thermal coefficient and a natural softness that avoids THE direct contact of the horse with the floor, reducing humidity and any problems with parasites, in addition to eliminating the unpleasant smell of urine.


Thanks to long-lasting, soft and non-compact bedding properties, our product does not require a daily change guaranteeing an economic saving: the yield in volume is in fact decidedly greater (up to 20% more than traditional bedding) and large areas can be covered with minimum quantities of product. Analyzing this two points we can consider that: our product is quick and practical and cost-cutting in material (i.e. less frequent changes) and labor terms (i.e. the animals are kept cleaner).
The production line respects the most severe conditions in terms of environmental protections; in fact La.So.Le Est chip does not pollute and decomposes easily, allowing it to be used as organic fertilizer.