Technology with a fragrance of wood
The mission behind La.So.Le Est business is deeply rooted in the essence of wood, in order to avoid the waste of this precious resource that with its naturalness, fragrance and simplicity describes a thousand-year old history closely intertwined with the men one. Furthermore, La.So.Le Est improves modern technologies capable of recovering and valorising by-products of primary processing, upgrading them and giving them new high quality life cycles.
Quality is a family tradition
The story behind La.So.Le. Est (Lavorazione Sottoprodotti Legno – Wood By-product Processors) goes hand in hand with the Garzitto family history: since 1962, the Garzitto’s have marked every step of the long road towards a company reputation that has progressively unfolded into its current standing as one of Italy’s and Europe’s market leaders in engineered wood flour for industry and wood chip for animal breeding. A success story built and consolidated on the business acumen of the company owners and by their constant and unremitting focus on quality at all levels of the production cycle: from sourcing to processing through to delivery. Growth has been profoundly underpinned by the company’s basic values: sobriety, reliability and a “family” care for the customer. These values are stronger now than ever before in the company’s top management, which has now reached its third generation.

The company is certified ISO 9001