Rino Garzitto   Sara Garzitto   Gabriele Garzitto

February 2019

I want to stop for a moment to reflect on this first year of La.So.Le. Est S.p.A.
There is always a bit of nostalgia when you think about the past, about intense moments of work and energy spent to reach a goal. And when you get it sometimes it seems so obvious that it is almost inevitable. But we know very well how difficult it is to complete a company path overcoming the problems due to the generational change and the relaunch of a company's business and production activities. And La.So.Le. Est now S.p.A. has succeeded to do it.
Some milestones of the past come to mind, milestones that have marked our family and industrial history. From farmers to industrials, a story of other times still current, because it is really true that "What we are is what we were" (1).
It all started in the mid-60s, when grandfather Vittorio, who led our first sanding company to support the growing Chair District of Manzano, one day talking with Dr. Roiatti, Vice President of Montedison, had the idea of producing wood flour for new industrial products such as hand-washing paste, shoe soles, bakelite, insecticide spirals and more.
After this first happy intuition the following steps were almost obligatory but not obvious stages of our company history.
Nowadays times have changed and technology is increasingly important. What will be the relationship between men, machines and environment? We must face the challenges of the future, starting from the innumerable possibilities opened up by technology but we must be aware of their impact on the environment.
Now that it’s time for balance sheet, sometimes we cannot express adequately through the simple numbers of assests the deep values that our companies, so attached to our territory, are able to give and receive.

~ Sara Garzitto ~

(1) Adams’s Speech, from the movie Amistad, direction by Steven Spielberg, 1997