Wood Chips and Flours in the Digital Age

August 2019

For some years now we have been dealing with the agency that follows us for web and social activities, the theme of how to be more present in the digital market.
We set ourselves some goals that we can summarize as follows:
- to raise awareness of the activities, products and brands of our company;
-- to establish and improve the communication process with the target audience;
--- to favor the commercial strategy with respect to the different channels and markets of reference;
---- to get qualified feedback from our users and potential customers.

We have therefore developed an Internet Marketing Plan and we are supporting the appropriate activities to implement the Digital Marketing Strategy of La.So.Le. Est SpA.
For this reason, not so long ago, we have reviewed the graphics and the layout of our company website, now responsive and also available for mobile devices, trying to position it in the digital market, also improving its corporate and product's content with periodic news on the company activities.

Everything is already paying off and our users seem to appreciate what we have undertaken. We thank everyone for their requests and valuable suggestions.