The La.So.La.EST Code of Ethics

December 2019

Even if with a one-month delay from the publication of the La.So.Le Est SpA Code of Ethics on our website, we want to dedicate a few lines to this important document of ours.

How many thoughts, books, and treatises on ethics. Just a reference to the most famous of philosophers, Aristotle, who wrote, << Every technique and every research, as well as every action and every choice, tend towards some good, as it seems; therefore, the good has been rightly defined as that towards which everything tends >>.

Moral, institutional, economic, social ethics … how many definitions.

Consequently, the Code of Ethics deals with a simple subject in its essence but which is, at the same time, complex, if thought of in the case of human activities.

With the introduction into our legal system of Legislative Decree 231/01, the Italian State has created the conditions for joint-stock companies to integrate the so-called Code of Ethics into their Organisational Model. So our company, aware that a company is valued not only for the quality of the products and services it is able to offer but also on the basis of its ability to produce value in compliance with ethical principles, has decided to formalise the document.
We therefore invite all our Stakeholders to download the La.So.Le Est SpA Code of Ethics from our website's download area and read the document dedicated to them.

Click here to download the Code of Ethics (Only in Italian Language)

Thanks to all!
Sara Garzitto